Silicon release from Biogenic Amorphous Silica – Turf’s new allrounder

Apart from the dramatic water and nutrient retention capability of Biogenic Amorphous Silica (BAS) known in Australia as Mineral Magic™ there is another well researched benefit that could be equally as significant.

Mineral Magic forms an “Elite” partnership!

Mineral Magic is delighted to announce that the team at Elite Sand & Soil will be a commercial supplier of our product range in NSW.
This truly “elite” team led by astute businessman Jason Roberts and managed in the turf industry by none other than industry legend Tom “The Colonel” Parker who previously presided over 20 years over the hallowed turf of the SCG.

Hmmm…… Does AFL stand for A Fancy Lawn ????

Q. So what does Fremantle Docker Connor Blakely do when he is not displaying his silky skills on the turf?

Premier Great Southern turf contractor gets in on the Magic!

Mineral Magic are proud to announce the appointment of BGL Solutions in Katanning as our exclusive “supply and apply contractor” for the Great Southern region of Western Australia.