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Broadacre cropping of wheat, oats, barley and canola. Fruit, vegetables and viticulture.

Commercial -
Turf & Gardens

Local Govt parks & gardens, golf courses, racetracks, turf farms, schools & universities and tree planting.

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Homes lawns & gardens, pot plants & hanging baskets and vegetable patches. Shrub & tree planting.


All things hydroponic from homeowner to Commercial farms.


A significant Co2 reduction ingredient in the production of "green concrete", metakaolin and geopolymer.

Feed the soil not the plant

Good Plans

How does it work?

Mineral Magic which is amorphous silica which is a rock million that's many millions of years old therefore it is a permanent treatment of your soil and won't breakdown.

It works by;

  •  Retaining moisture (approx. 60%! ) and nutrient in the soil where they are required by the plant and assist promote the multiplication of microbes for soil health.
  •  It promotes quick germination and deep and dense root bundles.
  •  It slowly releases monosilicic acid (Plant Available Silicon) which assists the plant in a multitude of ways to reduce both biotic and abiotic stresses as shown in the diagram.

Lets have a look at
how it really works

Watch a short video showing how water repellent most soils are and how Mineral Magic will turn that around by not only holding water, but making it available to your plants/crops.


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Mineral Magic has established a distribution chain across Australia for both commercial and residential customers alike.

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