What is it best used for at home?

Hungry, water repellent soils, new or poor lawns , hanging baskets, plant pots, any new plantings and vege gardens

What size chips are the different grades of Mineral Magic ?

Lawn 0.8mm-2mm
Garden 2mm-5mm
Water/Hydroponic 5mm-10mm

I want my lawn and garden to be the highest standard,
do any professionals use this product?

Absolutely! Many of Australia’s leading golf courses, football ovals, race tracks, local government, farmers and private schools have achieved amazing results..

What's the best time of year to apply Mineral Magic?

Anytime – as it is a permanent treatment and remains in the soil for life, it works all year round.

How much do I need?

Go to our calculators page HERE

Does it hurt natives at all?

Not in any way – the mineral is inert and certified organic, and natives thrive on it!

Apart from saving water and nutrients, what else
does it do?

Mineral Magic releases a small amount of Plant Available Silicon in the form of monosilicic acid which strengthen the cell walls of plant to helps prevents pest and diseases and resistance to heat, wear, frost and drought

Any tips for planting new plants?

Sure – dig the hole for the plant measuring the scoops taken out and out into a bucket. Using a ratio of 10:1, Mix the Mineral magic into the soil you have removed – insert the plant and the treated soi back around to fill in the hole.

Note : 10:1 = 10 scoops soil / 1 Mineral Magic. ( 5 scoops soil - 0.5 scoops Mineral Magic )

Does this replace using my usual fertilisers?

No – it will just enhance the effectiveness of them an keep them in the soil a lot longer.

Where does this product come from?

From a totally Australian owned and operated company – mined in WA's North West

Can it hold too much water and make my soil soggy in winter?

No – it works totally independent of the soil and drainage occurs as natural.

If anything, the chips with their honeycomb like structure, extract excess moisture from the soil and actually assists.

What if my pets eat it?

Nothing really - The available silicon they ingest might improve their cell strength.

What’s the best way to apply it?

This mineral increase in effectiveness the more you can incorporate it into the soil. For existing lawns, use the finer chip “Lawn Conditioner” and it will slowly work its way through the thatch canopy into the soil.

How long does it last?

As a rock mineral, it is permanent and treats the soil for life.

I’ve seen recently on TV that silica can be dangerous if ingested?

That is crystalline silica which indeed is highly toxic. This is amorphous silica which the Safety Data Sheet assesses the risk of dust/nuisance value.

As dust is always an irritant however it's best to use a mask and/or do not spread in windy conditions.

Is it treated in any way?

It is not treated in any way and there are no additives. 100% natural rock mineral.

Does it have to be watered in straight away
or does it burn?

No to both. It can be watered in anytime.

Can I use too much?

No. For Hydroponic use we grow in 100% Mineral Magic and NO SOIL.

I am keen for all my products to be independently
tested, what accreditations does this have?

Mineral Magic is certified Organic , Water Wise with WA water Corporation and has the highest water saving accreditations with Smart Approved WaterMark.

What are the environmental impacts on this mineral
being mined?

Some similar product that have been in this space in the past required heat treatment and much processing which meant that to produce a tonne of product – produced over a tonne of Co2!

Mineral Magic comparatively only produces a meagre 88kg Co2 per tonne. 12 times less.

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