About Mineral Magic

Mineral Magic is an innovative Australian horticultural solutions company providing a wide range of sustainable products with beneficial outcomes for both our clients and the environment.

The Deposit

Mineral Magic’s biogenic amorphous silica (BAS) deposit is located in Western Australia and has an inferred resource of around 1.5Mt of high-grade BAS (85 – 90% SiO2) within a granted Mining Lease. Geological mapping within the immediately vicinity of our current resource indicates that the high-grade deposit extends for a further 5,000 ha (potential resource of 500Mt of SiO2) making it one of the largest BAS deposits in Australia.

Our deposit occurs entirely above the water table and is outcropping over most of its area allowing for easy and low-cost mining and processing. Given the nature of the deposit, all we need to do is crush and screen the mined ore to produce a saleable product.

The Raw Material

Once mined, the ore is processed to produce the following products:

  • Granulated Biogenic Amorphous Silica – suitable as a growth substrate in Hydroponics or as a soil improver in Horticultural and Agricultural operations. Our granulated product is also perfect as a filtration and adsorption medium for hydrocarbons and heavy metals.
  • Ground Biogenic Amorphous Silica – suitable for use in concrete manufacturing and building products, and as a filler and builder in paints, coatings and detergents.

Mission and Values

At Mineral Magic, our Mission is to provide innovative, sustainable and environmentally beneficial solutions to the horticultural industry including;

  • Homeowners and residential properties
  • All government bodies
  • Professional turf growers
  • Sporting facilities/parks and gardens
  • Primary producers/vegetable growers
  • Hydroponics and aquaponics

Our Values acknowledge our responsibilities to our people, the environment, our clients and the community.

  • We are fair, honest and transparent in all our dealings
  • We always maintain our professional integrity and deliver on our commitments
  • Our products are based on best practice techniques, innovation and quality information backed by scientific research
  • The safety and health of our clients and staff will never be compromised
  • We strive to maintain a workplace culture based on mutual respect and achieving positive outcomes for our clients and the environment

Our People

At Mineral Magic we have a respected management group of highly skilled, horticultural and business professionals, with over 60 years combined experience in the industry at the highest level.

This includes an AFL Grounds Construction Manager, An independent chemical and nutrition supplier, A Class Golf Course Superintendent and a national turf equipment supplier Regional Manager.

Our success is driven by our people and our can-do attitude, both internally and externally with our clients. We have also developed over the decades in the business, a network of industry expertise that we can call upon to provide expertise, scientifically controlled trials and best practices to pass on to our client base.

We pride ourselves on win/win, cost-effective and positive environmental outcomes for our clients.

We provide a continual learning workplace where skills, product development and innovation are encouraged.

Over 125 million years in the making……..