September 30, 2021
Mineral Magic forms an “Elite” partnership!

Mineral Magic is delighted to announce that the team at Elite Sand & Soil will be a commercial supplier of our product range in NSW.
This truly “elite” team led by astute businessman Jason Roberts and managed in the turf industry by none other than industry legend Tom “The Colonel” Parker who previously presided over 20 years over the hallowed turf of the SCG.
Elite Sand & Soil pride themselves as being innovators and always at the cutting edge rather than being followers and were quick to register an interest in a product like Mineral Magic that matches this ethos.

That didn’t mean an instant take up however and Elite Sand & Soil put Mineral Magic through a rigorous range of tests and trials before they would be prepared to put their name to it.
All the more reason for us to want to be in business with a company that has a commitment to excellence.
We are very excited to join forces with Elite and developing a whole additional range of product offerings to the specialist turf market.
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