The role of Plant Available Silica

This will be looked back upon as one of the most significant discoveries in sustainable and environmentally responsible horticulture of all time.
So what's so important about silica and what it does both in the soil, as a growing medium for hydroponics and when it's taken up by the plant?

Photosynthesis equals plant growth and health

Mineral Magic has a high content of plant available silica (PAS)
This aids significantly to increase photosynthesis:

  • Plant leaves are held more upright capturing more sunlight, increasing photosynthesis rates
  • Increased photosynthesis results in increased foliage, fruit and root growth
  • Increased root growth results in increased water and nutrient capture and production of organic matter for the soil

Susceptibility to plant stress

Mineral magic increases plant resistance to a wide range of stresses:

  • Plant less susceptible to extreme conditions e.g. drought, heat, frost
  • Transpiration rates are lowered (reducing water loss)
  • PAS includes plant's natural defence responses to pests and diseases via a combination of:
  • Physical measures (increased plant cell wall thickness) and
  • Biochemical measures (increased antioxidant and enzymes activities).

Soil health and improved growing conditions

Adding Mineral Magic ameliorates and conditions soils, giving plants an improved foundation:

  • Improves soil structure and pore space (oxygen)
  • Increases plant root growth which improves uptake of water and nutrients
  • Increase specific surface area mass of soil structure for increased water and nutrient retention.
  • Increases soil organic matter and carbon production
  • Increases microbial activity
  • Harmful heavy metals (e.g. aluminium, cadmium, sodium) are 'locked up' in the soil by cation exchange
  • Leaching of valuable nutrients is reduced and fertiliser application intervals extended.
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